Bartons Solicitors

Business IT Support

A prestigious local law firm, we provide full support for all Bartons IT systems.

A large network, distributed geographically Bartons have been our customer for many years. Bartons have adapted and changed along with IT Workhouse.

South Sands Hotel

Business Support

A Boutique Hotel on the beach at Salcombe, IT Workhouse manage not just their computer systems, but also the telephony, security, wireless networking and are available every day around the clock.

Long Range WiFi Broadband

IT Workhouse supply a super fast connection to the South Sands Hotel via a solar powered relay over a combined distant of nine miles. This has been necessary to overcome the lack of a fast broadband connection their remote and beautiful location

Whole Hotel WiFi Coverage

IT Workhouse designed, installed and manage the guest and administration WiFi network for this busy Hotel.

IT Workhouse are a great team that understand us are incredibly respnsive. Thank you guys
— Luke 'IT Manager at Datum Alloys'

Salcombe Distilling Company

Business IT Support

This recently formed company has grown enormously in a short space of time becoming a nationally recognised premier brand.

Totnes Community Development Society

Whole Building Business WiFi

The Mansion is a community facility in the centre of Totnes managed by Totnes Community Development Society. Previously an old school building and through several extensions the Mansion has become a multifaceted building housing seven tenant organisations and sessional users. Tenants includes the town library, a nursery, cafe and the local FE provision for the town and surrounds. Grapevine IT successfully implemented a cloud managed WiFi network that services the diverse set of businesses within the building and continue to support the system.


Quick, efficient and professional in helping us
— Quay Physiotherapy