Friendly and Efficient

As well as providing complete support for you or your business we are very happy to offer assistance to your existing IT team.



IT Support Plans

Feature Essentials Device Plan Complete Device Plan
Windows Security Updates
Bitdefender Anti-Virus
Device Health Alerting
Pro-Active Servicing
Office 365 Management
Compliance Assessment
Remote Support via
Remote Desktop
optional optional
Threat Monitor optional optional
£10 a month £20 a month

Our Areas of Expertise

Servers and Networks

We have a huge combined knowledge of infrastructure. From planning, installation, maintenance and backup we know how to keep your services available to your business. We can advise on the most suitable setup for your unique scenario or existing software packages.

Business Continuity - Data and Connectivity

With good backup practice and multiple broadband connections we can help you plan to keep your business working. Business Continuity Management is about protecting the things in your business that you can’t afford to lose, information, software, internet connectivity, telephone systems and how to plan to try and prevent these things being affected.

Windows and Mac

We actually prefer Linux, but love working on any system.

Cloud Services

On-line Accounting - Office365 - iCloud

Internet Connectivity

Leased Lines - 4G Connections - Standard Broadband


E-mails - Messaging - Telephone Systems

Security and Compliance

Advce on documentation and legal obligations/regulations to which businesses have to adhere, such as the General Data Protection Regulation.

Third Party Liaison

Bridging the gap between you and your other technology partners.